16 Cult French Pharmacy Products You Can Order on Amazon

Nope, you don’t have to travel to Paris for these.

Years ago when I lived in Paris, I would regularly stop into the pharmacies strung along the street corners of each arrondissement. Yes, I loved searching for vintage clothing in the many incredible stores I stumbled upon, but I think I spent just as much time exploring the French drugstores. I’ve always been someone who is constantly experimenting with beauty products and skincare treatments, so finding aisles and aisles of French beauty products I had never encountered before was nothing short of exhilarating.

I watched to see which items stylish Parisians were adding to their carts and soon learned exactly which French pharmacy products were must-haves. Over the time I lived there, I brought bags of products from popular brands like Bioderma, Nuxe, and Avène back to my apartment in the Marais and turned my bathroom into testing grounds for all of my latest discoveries. When I left Paris, I made sure to bring as many of my prized French beauty products as I could back to the States. And every trip since, I make sure to leave room in my suitcase for my most-loved items.

Now, though, you don’t have to travel to Paris to get many of the best French pharmacy products since you can order them straight from Amazon. Ahead, I’m breaking down the ones I personally love that are worth adding to your cart.


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