20 Signs You Care TOO Much About Style

Here at RMRS, we love men’s style more than just about anyone.

But even we have limits.

It’s quite possible to care a little TOO much about style.

But don’t worry… we’ve identified the 20 signs that you’re going just a bit too far in your quest to be the most stylish guy in the room.

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So do you care too much about style? Read on to find out.

(If you’re doing more than 5 of these, you’re going to need to ask yourself some serious questions!)

20 Signs You Care TOO Much About Style

1. You’re an active member in 137 men’s style Facebook groups. And that number would be over 200 if you hadn’t been banned by about 70 of them.

2. You feel an interest rate of 45% is a small price to pay for those latest high-end looks.

3. You started a petition to ban clip-on ties at your school.

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4. You love to post your outfit of the day on Instagram – so much that you change 5 times a day so you can post more. You’re looking to increase the frequency to 7.

5. Your watch collection is worth more than your house.

6. You agree that clothing, food and shelter are the basic human necessities, but you’d eat cold Spam in a tent if you could do it in a Savile Row suit.

7. You just laugh when you see a video titled “the top 10 shoes every man needs” – knowing you already have them among the 100 pairs in your closet.

8. When out driving, you’ve stopped your car, parked, gotten out and walked over to a gentleman to correct his tie length.

9. You stopped talking to your brother because he refused to stop wearing square-toe shoes. Sure, it was his wedding day – but you were in the right.

10. You iron your socks on both sides.

11. You’ve written a paper and submitted it to multiple journals trying to expose the clothing-destroying moth as the most damaging and dangerous insect out there (behind the malaria-carrying mosquitoes and the fruit fly).

12. You read and listened to my free audio “500 Words Every Stylish Man Needs to Know” and sent me an email suggesting 500 more words I should add to it.

13. The debate on whether your socks should match your trousers or your shoes got you into a fistfight in a bar. You proudly tell that story to your friends.

14. You know your tailor’s name – and you know his parents’ names, you know his children, you know his cousins. You know everything about your tailor. He’s asked for you not to come visit him as much, especially with that suit you’ve brought in 10 times over the last 10 months every time you gain or lose a pound.

15. You think that Faye Dunaway’s reaction to wire hangers in 1981’s Mommy Dearest was 100% justified.

16. You don’t unfriend people because of their political postings – you unfriend them because they make style mistakes in their profile photos.

17. You see nothing wrong with owning 10 blue blazers, assuming that they’re different shades. Now if you were to bring in patterns and textures you could up that number to 25.

18. You bought a suit for your dog. In fact your dog dresses better than 90% of Americans.

19. On the day of your one-year anniversary with your girlfriend, you explain to her how much she means to you, but it’s Sunday – it’s prep day. You’ve got shirts that need to be ironed, you’ve got shoes that need to be shined, and you’ll get back to her later in the week when you have time.

20. You AB test your outfits to optimize their effectiveness. Every morning you lay out 5 outfits, take pictures, post them on Facebook and use paid advertising to drive traffic to them. You’ve got polls set up and whichever outfits perform best statistically, those are the ones you wear.

Gentlemen, be honest…. do you care too much about style? How many of these warning signs are you guilty of?

Let us know in the YouTube comments!

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