7 Travel Accessories I Won’t Fly Without

And I fly a lot…

When you go from flying infrequently to traveling a lot, you learn rather quickly that there are quite a few things that can make the entire experience exponentially easier. These “things” include (but are not limited to) wearing a comfortable airplane outfit, not overstuffing your suitcase with nonsense, not forgetting anything, and, as I’m going to get into further momentarily, certain travel accessories.

It’s true. While they’re easy to overlook, travel accessories can completely transform your experience both on the flight and on your trip itself. From noise-canceling headphones that drown out the sounds of a passenger-packed plane to packing cubes that simplify every step of the packing (and unpacking) process, simply continue on to read about the seven things I won’t fly without—both onboard and in my suitcase—and, of course, shop them along the way.

Sammy Singh

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