Booksmart’s Beanie Feldstein on Body Confidence and Dressing “Nerd-Chic”

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I was just watching an Old Navy haul on YouTube. They seriously have some cute shit.

I just bought a coat from there. It’s coral, it’s fab, it was like 40 bucks, and it would be hundreds of dollars at any other store. And like, I love Madewell’s new expanded line, but why wasn’t this happening years ago? I’m literally Madewell’s number one fan, but I went in there two years ago, and I was like, “Can I get this in an XL?” And they were like, “We only have it online.” Now they have it in-store. So I voiced my opinion. And things have changed. But not everywhere. I spent all summer in London, and in Europe, everything is tiny. I was at this beautiful store called Claudie Pierlot. Do you know that brand? It’s French, and it’s my style to a T. It’s fun yet crisp and classic. But they have like three sizes. The woman working in the store was my size. And I was like, “None of this fits me.” And she said, “None of this fits me either.”

They’re missing out on some amazing customers right now!

I would drop some serious money on those clothes, but none of it fits! It’s just so crazy. Primark in England—have you ever been? Everything is £5. You could bring in a £20 note and get like six things. Everyone stops me and my mom on the street, and we’re like, “Primark, baby!” I filmed a movie in London last summer, so I was there for four months, and my girlfriend lives there. I just love London, and I feel like they have cooler, cheaper stuff, like at Primark and Monki. That’s why ASOS is so great, too, because they sell all of the British brands and ship it to you in like two days.

But my words of wisdom to the fashion industry are just that women and men of all sizes want options. It’s like, if you can make these clothes smaller, you can make them bigger. If people come in sizes 00 to 36, then can’t all brands carry them? It just doesn’t make sense.

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