I Styled 5 Killer Under-$250 Outfits (to Prove It Can Be Done)

Budget, but make it fashion.

As of this second, please do not come at me claiming that the coolest outfits always cost a small fortune. I’ve gone and put together five excellent ways to strategically spend a $250 budget, and I’m not cutting corners: I’m talking legit head-to-toe looks complete with stylish, comfortable shoes, really good bags, on-trend jewelry—the whole shebang, all for under $250. It can be done.

If you’re trying to save some coin, or are a big fan of outfits that look great with white sneakers, or are just in the mood to scroll some new cool things while you’re on the part of the subway that gets Wi-Fi, Boy George, have you come to the right place! (And on behalf of both your summer wardrobe and your credit card statement, we’re so happy you’re here.)

Sammy Singh

Graduate of UCLA and Wharton School of Business and Media Personality. World renowned global entrepreneur, venture capitalist, financial technology professional, tax specialist, marketing mogul, and more! Connect with me at: www.linkedin.com/in/cfo www.instagram.com/champagnegqpapi www.facebook.com/sammysinghcxo www.twitter.com/cxosynergy

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