Inside the Closet of One of London’s Most Stylish It Girls

Can you recall a particularly big purchase that meant something to you?

I think the first thing I ever bought when I was first paid. I was (and I don’t know if I even want to mention this) on a TV show when I was younger on CBBC for a number of years. I used to also do the “Coming up next…” [voiceover] on CBBC as well. I worked three days a week, saved up, and had my first big bit of money. I was in Paris and bought a Givenchy handbag.

I remember buying it and not really using it that much. Now it’s my mum’s favorite bag, five years later. But I remember that and feeling almost sick when I looked at my bank account. I was only 13. All my money had gone into one bag, so I thought, I better use this every single day for the rest of my life. And then, of course, you get the anxiety of [being] a 13-year-old girl. “I can’t wear a handbag to school!” So then I wasn’t really using it but just putting it on my desk every day and looking at it.

My mum uses it all the time, so I see it and think, At least somebody got lots of use out of it. But we do that a lot: My mum buys lots of clothes that she doesn’t really like, and I buy lots of clothes that I don’t really like, and she really likes mine and I end up really liking her clothes. I think we try emulating each other’s looks and realize that we don’t actually like them, so we take each other’s clothes.

What are you most sentimental about in your closet?

I have a pair of white suit trousers that my mum wore on her wedding day, so I think they’re definitely my favorite that I would save. I don’t know why she lets me wear them. I just needed some white trousers one day and I was in my room freaking out and my mum just chucked these at me—and I was like these are nice, why have you never given them to me before? “Because they were my wedding trousers!” Now she just lets me wear them. I guess they’re not going to any use now!

Me and mum share a tweed jacket that Stella McCartney made for her graduate show at Central Saint Martins. She made it and then didn’t want it. It hasn’t got a lining or tag in it—she just gave it to my mum. She asks for it back all the time. My mum says she’s lost it, but she hasn’t! I have it! That’s great, and it’s a bit of history. I have some stuff from Baby Dior because my godfather is John Galliano and he used to design for Dior. Also, I have some stuff that he used to dress me in.

I’ve got lots of different sentimental pieces I’ve kept over the years. But probably my favorite is a pair of white leather dungarees with a leather picture of Noddy on from when I was 3. I still have them and think they’re just the coolest fucking thing ever. I mean, white leather dungarees. I can’t believe you dressed me in these, mum! Of course, she did. I’m a very sentimental person when it comes to clothes. Clothes and memories go hand in hand.

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