My Grandma and I Both Shop at Zara—Here’s What We Want for Summer 2019

Age doesn’t matter, but style does.

My Grammie Dianne has taught me many things: A love of convertible cars, that Elvis really is king, and, most of all, a sense of style. We’ve been keen shoppers for as long as I can remember, and she’s always been sure that I knew my own tastes.

My confidence—or perhaps, stubbornness—in knowing my style came directly from my Grammie. With every birthday gift my family gives her, we ensure there’s a gift receipt obviously attached, knowing full well she will choose something better. She knows what she likes, and I’ve always admired her strong sense of personal style.

Though I am trying my best to shop less and shop better, there are times when I find something in Zara I know I will love forever, and my Grammie is exactly the same. We always fawn over each other’s outfits when we see each other, and there is often a surprise Zara element to each of our looks.


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