The One Color Our Editors Want You to Retire

Tough love.

You’ve probably noticed that when the fashion crowd embraces a trending color, they really embrace it—and quickly (see: beige and yellow). The second people spot a color trend on the runways for the next season, they start wearing it during the current season and keep wearing it until it becomes oversaturated and everyone moves on to the next It color. It’s exhausting, but it’s fun!

Since we’re well into the current season (spring, in case you need a reminder), I’m here to fill you in on the color that we Who What Wear editors are currently ready to retire (for now, at least). We took a formal poll and came to the conclusion that that color is neon green. The main problem with the bold color is that it’s simply difficult to wear. Our editor in chief, Kat Collings, summed it up, saying “The reason I’m ready to move on from neon green is a bit selfish. I never figured out how to wear the trend! My personal style is far from hypebae, so I don’t think it was in the cards for me. Bring on the pistachio green though, which I like to think of as neon green’s much tamer cousin.”

For me, neon green just doesn’t suit my personality. It’s a bit loud and in-your-face, which is something that I definitely am not. I also find it hard to re-wear neon-green pieces. It’s such a memorable color that I assume people would instantly recognize it as something that I wore recently (which is fine, of course, but not something I strive for, per se).

Even though summer has yet to begin, it does seem like neon green has peaked after celebrities embraced it en masse in late winter. That said, if you love it, wear it, but we’re in agreement that it’s time for some fresher hues. Keep scrolling to see which colors we’re wearing instead of neon green as of late, and shop them for your own closet (/Instagram feed).

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