What To Do When A Girl Looks At You (Get Her Number In 5 Minutes!)

How to get a girl’s number – like most guys, you suck at it.

You’ve come off the wrong way and had your share of drinks splashed in your face.

Luckily for you, science shows us several ways to overcome this.

The key is a balance, and today I’m going to tell you how to get a girl’s number in five minutes.

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1. The First Two to Five Seconds: Make Eye Contact

Studies out of Webster University in St. Louis found that most guys usually miss the first courtship signal – eye contact.

To put it plainly, gentlemen, if a lady looks at you – look back.

Psychologists determined that maintaining eye contact for two seconds is critical when it comes to how to get a girl’s number. It conveys significant attraction.

woman eye contact

If you catch the woman you’re interested in making eye contact with you, return the favor!

Don’t look away – it’ll make you seem weak and nervous. When you look, stay focused on her eyes. Don’t stare at other parts of her body.

There’s no need to be a creeper, though. Keep the stare to a maximum of three seconds!

2. The Next Two Seconds: Smile At Her

Your eyes are locked on each other, and you’ve held her gaze. Now, it’s time to smile.

Like every step in how to get a girl’s number, you want balance. Please don’t do some villainous Joker-laugh.

The ideal smile is called a “smise,” which can be defined as smiling with your eyes. When you laugh at something, you can probably feel the area around your eyes relax – this is ideal.

man smiling

Click here for tips on improving your smile.

The reason the simple act of smiling is so powerful is that it instantly signals to her that you’re confident and fun to be around.

How do you practice? Simple – just smile at everyone you speak to. It’ll put you well on your way to making it a natural aspect of your interaction with others.

3. The Next Five Seconds: Use Open Body Language

She made eye contact and smile back, now it’s on to the next step.

What does “open body language” mean in how to get a girl’s number? Simply turn your body in her direction. Psychologists determined that leaning forward slightly without crossing your arms and legs is most effective.

The Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior also discovered that men were most successful when their body language indicated social dominance.

open body language

Using relaxed, open body language will only help your efforts.

That means spreading your body out a little to take up space over the course of the interaction.

Need specifics? Extend your arm over the chair next to you. Keep on moving around the bar talking to others – this shows her that you’re a man who is socially accepted and a pleasure to be around.

Carry on with this. If you catch her looking again, then it’s a great sign.

4. Five Minutes: Initiate Conversation And Go Talk To Her

You’ve done everything right thus far, and now it’s time to plunge in and make your move.

The critical factor here? Don’t overthink it, just as any other step in how to get a girl’s number.

Walk up and introduce yourself. Keep your head up – looking down could be perceived as weakness.

A polite handshake should be the most physical contact you try at first, but don’t do it as you would with other men – hold her hand slowly as you shake, then slowly release. Keep her eye contact throughout the introduction.

conversation date

When you start the conversation, make sure to give her opportunities to talk about herself.

Need some ideas? Try these as conversation-starters…

Compliment something other than her looks

Try acknowledging something of hers that pushes her personality and style to the fore, such as her watch or purse.

Bring Up A Shared Interest

Look at your surroundings – are you at the grocery store, a sports bar? Use your common environment to strike up a conversation.

Need a specific example? Try asking what their experience at that venue has been like and why they prefer it.

What’s the worst that can happen? She says ‘No’ and you move on.

Ask For Her Honest Opinion

Therapists have cited that anyone will be happy to share their opinions with an interested party. If you give her an opportunity to talk about herself, she’ll feel that much more comfortable.

Tell A Bonding Joke

Jokes are particularly effective because they disarm and work even at a biological level.

When a woman laughs, she releases oxytocin, a ‘bonding hormone’ that influences her to be more open to further conversation.

At the end of the day, what’s the worse that can happen? She stops being interested and both of you move on. Either way, you rest easy knowing you tried – and punch in some valuable practice.

5. Closing The Conversation – Get Her Number

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations – She’s clearly interested and enjoying her time with you.

At this point, you need to get her number at a high point in the conversation.

What is the peak? When you’re enjoying the talk so much that you don’t want to leave. It’s precisely then that you should leave, actually.

clean stuff cell phone

Ask to get her number, don’t offer yours.

An important factor to consider here is not to “ask” for her number, but tell her that you need it to keep the conversation going later!

It’s important that she gives you her number and not the other way around. This is a better indicator of success and confidence.

Finally, don’t overreact – say “Thanks, I’ll call you soon!” and take your leave.

Need some tips on good phone etiquette? I got you covered.

Summary – How To Get A Girl’s Number

Was that a lot to take in? Let’s do a quick review of the steps:

  1. Make Eye contact for no more than two-five seconds.
  2. Smile – it’s very important!
  3. Use open body language to convey availability.
  4. Go strike up a conversation.
  5. Finally – Get her number at the high point of the conversation.

Remember, it’s not the end of the world if you fail once – even several times. Women are people, just like us. Don’t put them on a pedestal that makes you fear rejection.

On the note of them being people, it’s important to treat them with equal respect throughout each step.

Remember that balance is key – don’t be a creeper or a nervous wreck, just be a normal person.

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